Open Letter

Letter to Alumni of Model Secondary School – Saliu Ahmad

Written by Ibrahim Ahmed

NB: This should come- in form of a ‘spoken word’- so read aloud and listen to this- cos you and I you see- are the world… Or maybe a double you and E.

Dear Alumni,
Wikipedia defined ‘Model’ as “a three dimensional and representation of a person or thing”- so I tried to be wise- and I ask myself why?- is that why we had M- D- and L as a single class back in our secondary school days?. Probably not why but I dreamt about life in three dimensions- and in reality projected the past- the present and the future. The past gave birth to the present- and the present is legally married to the future- so in that case let me play the judiciary- and ask you this with clemency: Would you forget under whose tutelage you grew?- do not forget the adage that says “a river that disconnects with its source will surely dry up”. Somewhere in your heart and mind must ‘Model Secondary School’ always exist.
A couple of months ago on I read- that a ‘Model’ can also be defined as an example to follow or imitate- so I linked it up with the idea of a reunion of the Alumni- more or less like a tradition for the elevation of our beloved high school.
My ink fades away so I want you to rise and preserve the existence of your memories- and in the name of humanity I beseech you to make a trip to your Alma Mata on July 24-29, 2017. Of course you wouldn’t request for the address, would you?
Revert to unity-take charge take responsibility- make contributions and embrace sociability- unveil equality and availability- life itself is nothing but vanity- together, lets make this a worthwhile reunion.
This is a wake up call to all who had attended Model Secondary School, C.O.E.D- to ambassadors of the great school. A solid foundation they say can hold any structure built on it.
I look forward to meeting you all at this glorious event…


Yours Forever,
Saliu Ahmad Toyin
10′ Set

CC: Alumni Executives
Model Secondary School,C.O.E.D

CC: The Emirate NG
13′ Set

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